Mission statement

We shape foreign policy by enabling new voices in the public discourse. 


foraus is the Swiss participatory think tank on foreign policy. As a vibrant grassroots community of young people, we shape foreign policy, shape how foreign policy is made and enable new voices to grow, domestically as well as internationally. We publish evidence-based, high-quality content with constructive policy recommendations, organise thought-provoking events and develop innovative tools for engagement and impact, with the aim to address global challenges.


foraus is an open community. Our think tank is powered by a decentralised network of volunteers in Switzerland and beyond. Our community relies on collective intelligence and leverages the benefits of diverse perspectives to make foreign policy more inclusive. Volunteers are free to choose the topics and create the content themselves.

foraus provides access to foreign policy debates to the new generations. Through foraus, young people can challenge the business as usual and contribute with novel, foresighted perspectives. We are an open catalyst for constructive ideas on the futures of foreign policy, as well as new tools and processes towards a more inclusive foreign policy.

foraus follows a scientific approach. Our events and publications provide analytical and relevant insights into their topics. All our publications are evidence-based and subject to a rigorous review process.


foraus is an officially recognised non-profit organisation. We are not linked to any political party, nor specific donor. We take our decisions independently and provide transparent information on our funding.

foraus was founded in 2009. It is a tax-free organization and is based on a membership system consisting of several hundred members. In the last 13 years foraus has become an unavoidable actor of Swiss foreign policy. 

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