Guest: Tim Flannery, Segré FoundationDistinguished Visiting Professor at the Graduate Institute and professor at theMelbourne University Sustainability Institute

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Gäste: Prof. Dr. Andreas Glaser, Professor für Staats-, Verwaltungs- und Europarecht, Universität Zürich; Direktor am Zentrum für Demokratie, Aarau & Corina Casanova, Präsidentin Fundaziun Medias Rumantschas FMR, Präsidentin Forum Helveticum, Alt-Bundeskanzlerin

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Guest: Prof. Catherine Kessedjian, Professor emerita, University of Pantheon-Assas Paris II

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Guest: Professor Howse, member of the US China Trade Policy Working Group, Lloyd C. Nelson Professor of International Law, New York University School of Law

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Assistez  à notre projection du film ''Fleur du désert'' sur l'excision et partagez une discussion avec deux doctorats en médecine.

Assistez  à notre projection du film ''Fleur du désert'' sur l'excision et partagez une discussion avec deux doctorats en médecine.

Gäste: Prof.  Stefan Hiermaier, Direktor des Fraunhofer Institut for Short-​Term Dynamics, Benjamin Scharte, Senior Researcher, Center for Security Studies & Dr. Oliver Thränert, Leiter des CSS-​Think Tanks

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Guests: Lucie Liu, director of the documentary & Lena Holzer, PhD candidate in International Law at the Graduate Institute, PhD Affiliate to the Gender Centre

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Living in Switzerland, surely you have heard  about the neighboring Liechtenstein - but how much do you know about the CH-LI relations?

Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs on its website defines Switzerland-Liechtenstein relations to be ones that are "excellent, friendly" and "with traditionally close ties." It also points out that the two countries share the same fundamental values and have close cooperation on many fronts, including forming a common economic area after the Customs Treaty of 1923 as well as numerous work in bodies such as the United Nations .

The goal of this field study in Liechtenstein is to help attendees understand better the relations between the two neighboring countries, learning about the history as well as engaging in an interactive speaker conversation.

This event is a joint project between foraus St Gallen and Liechtenstein regional groups.


(Group departure from St Gallen: 8:30 St Gallen -- 10:08 Vaduz, Post)

10:15-12:15 A 90min guided tour at Liechtenstein National Museum, followed by 30min free exploration time

12:15 Transfer to Landgasthof Au in Vaduz by foot (10-15min)

12:30-13:30 Some snacks, drinks and relax time at Landgasthof Au

13:30-15:30 Speaker event with Christian Frommelt (Head of the Liechtenstein Institute), followed by Q&A discussion

15:30 End of event - attendees are free to stay in Liechtenstein to explore further by themselves or to travel back together (i.e., visit the Christmas Village in Vaduz for a ice skating session, raclette and some mulled wine)

What you will need to pay for yourself: transportation cost + 10CHF museum entry fee (some snacks and drinks are included but maybe not all)


Please sign up at

We look forward to seeing you there.

Zusammen mit der Improvisationstheatergruppe HDTV präsentiert euch foraus einen Jahresrückblick. Interaktiv, frech und improvisiert.

Zusammen mit der Improvisationstheatergruppe HDTV präsentiert euch foraus einen Jahresrückblick. Interaktiv, frech und improvisiert. Im Fokus steht die Frage, welche aussenpolitischen Themen uns dieses Jahr speziell beschäftigt haben.

Die Themen, die von der Improvisationstheatergruppe aufgenommen und behandelt werden, können vom Publikum und den Programmgruppen von foraus mitbestimmt werden.

Der Abend wird musikalisch begleitet. Auch wird es genug zu lachen geben.


Der High Definition Theater Sport Verein (HDTV) liebt es improvisiert, spontan und lustig. Der 2009 gegründete Verein unterhält regelmässig im Raum Zürich und hat über die Jahre verschiedene Formate im Bereich des Improvisationstheaters und Theatersports weiterentwickelt.

Guests: Kate Gilmore, Deputy High Commissioner for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights; Ahmed Shaheed, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief & Herbert Winter, President of Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities and World Jewish Congress Vice President

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Guest: Grace Ballor, Max Weber Fellow (2018-2019), the European University Institute in Florence, Italy

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Guests: Ms. Tatiana Valovaya, Director General, United Nations Office at Geneva, UNOG; H.E. Mr. Carlos Alvarado Quesada, President of the Republic of Costa Rica; Ms. Diane Holdorf, Managing Director of Food and Nature at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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Guests: Juliane Kokott, Advocate General, Court of Justice of the European Union; Wolfgang Schön, Managing Director, Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance; Robert Danon, Professor and Director, Tax Policy Center, University of Lausanne, a.o.

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Guests: Jiří Schneider, executive director, Aspen Institute Central Europe and former First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic & Dr. Henrik Larsen, Senior Researcher, CSS


Gäste: Dr. Christian Etter, ehem. Botschafter im SECO und Delegierter des Bundesrates für Handelsverträge; Simon Michel, CEO Ypsomed AG; Jaqueline Badran, NR SP u.a.

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