The Cercle des donatrices & donateurs is a promotional association founded in 2014 and contributes to broadening and diversifying the sponsorship. It offers interested parties the opportunity not only to support and promote in a sustainable way, but also to become part of a network of people with expertise and influence in the field of Swiss foreign policy. As a link between foreign policy and research, foraus connects influential players from business, politics, science, culture and the media from all over Switzerland and at the same time acts as a place for young people interested in politics to meet and share ideas. The foraus Cercle des donatrices & donateurs can thus offer its members an excellent network of relationships.


Become part of this exclusive and dynamic community. As a member of the foraus Cercle des donatrices & donateurs, you will benefit from the following advantages:


  • Exclusive invitation to two foraus Cercle events per year with attractive and exciting guests
  • Postal delivery with two selected publications and the annual report
  • Delivery of our weekly «Espresso diplomatique» with foreign policy news and calendar of events
  • A mention in the annual report and possibility of a mention on our website
  • Annual delivery of the donation confirmation


With your support as a member of the Cercle des donatrices & donateurs, it will remain possible in future to offer committed young people an ideal platform to shape Switzerland with innovative and new ideas.


Learn more about the foraus Cercle des donatrices & donateurs and become a member today.


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