EDA TT – Europe’s response to China: A systemic rival or cooperation partner?

EDA TT – Europe’s response to China: A systemic rival or cooperation partner?





Sorell Hotel Ador / 11:45am – 13:45pm

«Europe’s response to China: A systemic rival or cooperation partner?»

Beyond the fanfare of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the EU and China, their relationship is highly complex. On a nation-state level different opportunities, individual interests and specific fears present a very fragmented picture. On an EU level it was however decided that there were foreign, economic and security policy areas important for the entire union, requiring adaptation and assertion vis-a-vis changing realities. Despite the EU's clearly defined interests and principles, a coherent and effective follow-through on the outlined set of more assertive and competitive policies will be particularly challenging given the various substantial economic interests at stake in the EU-China relationship. For the purpose of the 23rd EDA Think Tank Conference, we are presenting you with three generations of distinguished China scholars from three leading European research institutions, addressing key policy areas of the EU’s response to China: Dr. Frank Pieke, Dr. Justyna Szczudlik and Richard Ghiasy. They will address foreign policy challenges and opportunities, the intersection of economic policy, as well as the non-traditional security environment.

Dr. Frank Pieke is the Director and CEO of the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS). His research focuses on the impact of China on Europe, foreign immigrant groups in China and the transformation of the Chinese Communist Party.

Dr. Justyna Szczudlik is Head of the Asia-Pacific Program at the International Economic Relations and Global Issues Programme at the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM). Her research focuses on China’s foreign policy, Sino-Polish relations, cross-straits relations, Chinese soft power and Chinese religious policy.

Richard Ghiasy is Associate Researcher in the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) China and Global Security Programme. He studies China’s foreign and security policy, European Union-China and China-Central Asia relations, Europe and Asia’s infrastructure and economic integration.