Policy Kitchen

Policy Kitchen is a policy crowdsourcing method developed by foraus - Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy, built on a digital innovation platform and physical workshops, so called Policy Cooking Events. It enables a diverse network of thinkers to collaboratively generate bottom-up policy recipes for pressing global challenges. The process is public, anyone can contribute. We will launch our first campaign on biodiversity this September.

We aim to connect the global network of open think tanks and other actors on Policy Kitchen and thus enable large-scale transnational collaboration on issues with a multilateral scope. This will be an important step to strengthen democratic participation in international policy making. Policy Kitchen will also be made available as open source software for other actors willing to use participative methods in their respective domains.

    How it works

    Policy Kitchen generates policy recipes in 5 steps:

  •   Cut: Raw ideas are generated at Policy Cooking Events and online by the crowd

  •   Mix: Ideas are collaboratively refined on the platform, author teams are consolidated

  •   Fry: The best ideas are selected by the crowd and a high-level jury

  •   Simmer: Selected ideas are developed into full form policy recipes with the help of experts

  •   Serve:The policy recipes are served to decision makers and the public with events, mediawork and other channels for maximum policy impact

2018 Challenge: Biodiversity

Biodiversity refers to the variety of living organisms, species and ecosystems found on our planet. High levels of biodiversity provide crucial services to human societies. However, indicators show accelerating rates of decline in biodiversity since the 1970s. Biodiversity is a genuinely international issue highly relevant to foreign policy. We will tackle this challenge from three angles: Global governance, trade and development cooperation.

Policy Cooking Events will be announced as soon as available.

Policy Kitchen is supported by Engagement Migros, the development fund of the Migros group. 

Core Team

Jonas Nakonz

Project Lead 



Augustin Fragnière

Senior Policy Fellow Environment


Ronya Alev

Anna Stünzi

Co-lead, Environment, Energy and Transportation