Not in Switzerland, but foreign policy is your thing? The Open Think Tank Network is active in other countries – or why not set up your own think tank?


The Open Think Tank Network consists of various grassroots think tanks that deal with current issues in the field of foreign policy and international politics. The members of the network are determined to develop constructive, coherent and forward-looking political solutions with the aim of promoting a culture of open and inclusive discussion. The aim of the network is to link think tankers from all over the world and to make the think tank business more participative, integrative and innovative with the help of new, digital means such as the crowdsourcing software Policy Kitchen.


The network currently consists of Polis180 in Germany, Argo in France, Agora in England, Ponto in Austria and foraus in Switzerland.


Would you like to know more about our network or work with us on the further development of OpenTTN? Are you thinking about starting your own grassroots think tank? Or are you already a member of a think tank and would like to become part of an international network? Then contact