Nicola Forster


Nicola Forster co-founded foraus in 2009 and has been president of the think tank until November 2019. As a social entrepreneur and partner at crstl GmbH, he has in recent years initiated innovation and participation processes in various foreign ministries, foundations, and international organizations. Nicola is also the co-founder of the state laboratory, Operation Libero, the Global Shapers Bern (World Economic Forum), the Global Diplomacy Lab (German Foreign Office), is the President of the Science et Cité Foundation and a former board member of the WEF Open Forum. For his engagement and commitment, he was awarded the Ashoka Fellowship. Nicola recently became Co-President of the Green Liberal in the Canton of Zurich and is a running candidate for the Swiss National Council ( Nicola holds a law degree from the Universities of Zurich, Montpellier and Lausanne.