Think & Drink – Your monthly meet-up with International Geneva

Think & Drink – Your monthly meet-up with International Geneva





Rue de Carouge 44 / 19:00pm – 21:00pm

Think&Drink is your chance to chat with an expert on a theme related to the agenda in International Geneva. First round of drinks is free!

🥂 Think & Drink - your monthly meet-up with International Geneva.

😉 Your expert will give a 15min talk, and answer moderated questions for another 15min. Then, you get to ask them your questions. Enjoy a drink with other young people from International Geneva!

How come careers in International Geneva are so opaque? Let’s demystify! How do I get a foot in the door? What kind of working environment can I find in an international organisation? What opportunities are out there, concretely? What about application tips? Come ask your questions about careers in International Geneva!

🔥 Join us to hear Roman Twerenbold, career expert for multilateral organisations at cinfo - Swiss Centre of Competence for International Cooperation. At cinfo, he facilitates the connection of young talent with international cooperation actors to find the spark that makes the "match".From rural Cambodia to multilateral meetings in New York and educational work in Switzerland, he knows just how diverse international cooperation can be.