Going back in time: women’s rights at risk in Poland

Elise Maarschalkerweerd – Polish policies on contraceptives and abortion are amongst the strictest in Europe. Last month, thousands of people took to the streets of Poland to protest new government proposals to restrict access to legal abortion even further. Retrogressive laws and policies are gravely endangering women in Poland and are posing a severe threat to their health and reproductive rights. As an EU member state, […]

Highly Skilled Migrant Women in Switzerland: What Are the Challenges?

By Haifa Ben Salem - Although Swiss migration politics are based on attracting highly-skilled workers, women from countries outside the European Union/European Free Trade Association (EU/EFTA) with a tertiary education face systemic constraint that hinder their access and integration into the Swiss labour market. What’s going on in Switzerland? Highly skilled women, often from Latin America, the Middle East and South-East Europe, move to Switzerland, […]

«Die unterdrückte Muslimin»: von der Überheblichkeit der ersten Welt

Stefan Egli – Seit Anfang Oktober gilt nach zahlreichen anderen europäischen Staaten nun auch in Österreich ein Verhüllungsverbot. In der Schweiz wurde im September die Volksinitiative «Ja zum Verhüllungsverbot» des Egerkinger Komitees eingereicht. Mit dem sogenannten Burkaverbot geht es den Initiantinnen und Initianten selbstredend um die Befreiung der muslimischen Frau. Die Debatte rund um das Verhüllungsverbot krankt insbesondere an zwei Dingen: an dem, was der […]

Women Can’t Have it (At) All: Why the Abortion Debate is More Sexist than it Seems

Maria Isabelle Wieser – With Simone Veil’s death, the world is losing an icon, a key figure in the fight to legalize abortion. Her death reminds us that women rights to access safe and legal abortions has been a milestone in history which needs to be protected. In recent years, there has been a marked trend to restrict this access by right-wing populist politicians. However, we need […]