Herculean task for Europe: Iranian President Rouhani visits Switzerland amidst uncertainty over the nuclear deal

Barbara Wachter ­– Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is visiting Zurich and Bern at the invitation of the Swiss Federal Council and Austria afterwards. The timing of the visit – two months after US President Trump’s breach of the Iran Nuclear Deal by unilateral withdrawal – must be understood as part of Europe’s attempt to show adherence to the agreement. It also points to Iranian eagerness for […]

Qatar’s isolation – A consequence of Trump’s Middle East policies?

Melanie Sauter – On the night of June 5th, Bahrein, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar. By suspending air and sea travel, as well as land crossings, the countries also shut down economic links. Over the course of Monday, Libya, the Maldives, and Yemen also severed diplomatic relations with the gulf emirate. Why this sudden escalation?