The Philippines recently held elections – A foreign policy perspective

Jonathan Baltensperger — The recent general elections in the Philippines went widely unnoticed by Swiss media. However, a closer look on current political developments in the Philippines suggests to consider an enhanced foreign policy strategy by China, and how this affects the politics in surrounding countries.

A Difficult Way Out for Armenia

Philip Kowalski – Protests in Armenia are continuing to make news around the world. Whoever ends up succeeding ousted Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan will have a profoundly complicated balancing act to perform, regardless of their intention to reform.

Elections colombiennes – 3 questions à Jean-Pierre Gontard

Clélia Savary – Le 11 mars 2018, la Colombie vivait ses premières votations législatives depuis les Accords de la Havane consacrant la fin des hostilités entre les FARC et le gouvernement colombien. A l’issue de ce processus, la droite, ouvertement opposée à la paix, confirme sa position, tandis que des petits partis de gauche progressent dans les sondages révélant la polarisation politique de la société […]

The election in Norway

Emil Jørgensen Øverbø – On September 11 the Norwegians are going to the polls to elect a new parliament for the next four years. The country is governed by the most right-wing parliament since WW2, yet none right-wing administration has ever managed to get re-elected. This year’s polls show the parties in a close race.

Dadaab Refugee Camp – No Way Around Integration for Kenya's Re-elected President

Anna- Lina Müller – Kenya's re-elected president should finally respond to the challenge of Dadaab, the biggest refugee camp in the world. In order to cover both the interests and needs of Kenyan society and the refugee community, a long term strategy that focuses on the integration of the camp’s residents into Kenyan society, is needed.

How does the Fox divide a Country? – A reflection on the 2017 General Elections

Elmar Stracke – The City of London versus the countryside, progressives versus traditionalists, regulation versus freedom from state intrusion, egalitarianism versus elitism – different societal cleavages can be used to explain the UK election results. All of them materialise in a very peculiar British controversy: the fox hunt legislation.

Fear & Voting in Sofia – An Interview with Ana Pirinska, Electoral Candidate from Bulgaria

Ana Pirinska (31) studied Political Science and Eurasian Studies at Sofia University in Bulgaria and MGIMO in Russia. She has been active in the Bulgarian Socialist Party for many years while also working in journalism and project management. In March this year, she decided to run as a candidate for a seat in the National Parliament. Though unfortunately not successful, this experience motivated her even […]