The WinterSchool for Thinktankers – WISCH

foraus and the Think Tank Hub, in collaboration with On Think Tanks have become a pioneer in hosting and co-organizing the first on-site training for Thinktankers. The WinterSchool for Thinktankers (WISCH) is a unique opportunity for young and proactive individuals who are eager to develop their knowledge and understanding of Think Tanks, and prepare themselves to become future policy entrepreneurs.

We welcome thinktankers from around the world, working in all think tank roles, including in research, fundraising, communications, project management or human resources.

The course is designed for early and mid-career thinktankers, aspiring to future leadership roles. But we also welcome policy entrepreneurs interested in setting up their own think tank, recent graduates or experienced thinktankers who are perhaps moving into leadership positions or facing a particular challenge.

WinterSchool for Thinktankers Video

The goal of the WinterSchool for Thinktankers is not only practical training of the participants, but also to provide chances for various networking gatherings, several visits to the UN and other international agencies, and the experience to meet prestigious organisations such as Chatham House, the UN Library, The International Labour Organization (ILO). Interested? More information and testimonies are available on this website: