Open Think Tank Network

The « Open Think Tank Network » (OpenTTN) is an international network that strives for the creation, development and cooperation of open think tanks around the world. The member think tanks are committed to developing constructive, coherent and future-oriented policy solutions with the objective of fostering a culture of open debate around highly relevant issues in international affairs. They are based on a non-partisan and grassroots approach, putting the inclusion of a wide range of actors at the centre of their work. 

The network is committed to creating the think tanks of the future by using new technological means of participation, such as online crowdsourcing and knowledge-sharing. In so doing, we empower bright minds all over the globe to create and develop new policy ideas and come up with solutions for the most important transnational challenges of the present day.

The network currently consists of Polis180 in Germany, Agora in England, Ponto in Austria and foraus in Switzerland. The network is officially represented by a board of directors since June 2021, and its formal headquarters are based in Geneva. 



A forum marking the official launch of the OpenTTN took place in Geneva in November 2021. Over the course of three days, participants from across Europe discussed foreign policy issues with high-level experts and speakers in a participatory format.


Participants had the opportunity to celebrate the completion of the OpenTTN joint publication on feminist foreign policy. The launch event was attended by:

  • Marie-Claire Graf, YOUNGO Global Focal Point to the UNFCCC (online)
  • Amb. Thomas Greminger, Director of the Geneva Center for Security Policy
  • Shirin Heidari, Founder of Gendro and Senior Consultant in the Gender, Equity and Human Rights Team, WHO
  • Tamara Mawhinney, Deputy Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations in Geneva
  • Maria Sokolova, TradeExperettes

During the following working group sessions, participants not only reflected on the internal structure of the OpenTTN, but also analyzed the main foreign policy trends and proposed projects for collaboration between the different think tanks.


The weekend was filled with encounters, exchanges and new ideas to bring the OpenTTN to ever greater heights!




Introducing the Purple Age: Crowdsourced recommendations for a Feminist Foreign Policy


This report presents the output of a transnational participatory process – Policy Kitchen – organized and implemented by the Open Think Tank Network and dedicated to the question: What should a feminist foreign policy look like in the 2020s? This bottom-up process with over 200 participants from five continents has generated a wealth of relevant policy recommendations for decision-makers in international affairs. The recommendations for a comprehensive feminist foreign policy (FFP) are presented in five thematic chapters, which emerged during the process:

  • Intersectionality and Representation
  • Health, Safety and Autonomy
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Peace and Security
  • The Economic Sphere

Read the publication


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